Transition Game Resources

It is critical to your team's success to develop a transition game that can get you as many easy buckets while limiting your opponents.  For my teams, our Transition Game has always been one of our identities.  Our opponents know we are going to pitch it ahead to our runners while not giving up much do to rebounding coverage and drills.  

I am 100% confident that these drills will help your program in developing an outstanding transition offense and eliminating any of your worry about it.  And, if you dedicate 15-18 minutes each practice with these drills the transition game will become one of your team's identities as well.

You can build a championship level transition game through the consistent use of these outstanding drills.  In my courses, I explain our core transition drills through the use of Fast Draw diagrams and practice videos.  The practice video demonstrates our players executing the drills.  There will be obvious mistakes that are made but be assured that as the season goes on the drills really become crisp and effective.  I think it is important to show the drills actually being done which helps to put the actual picture in your mind.