After spending an hour plus talking to coach Kuhn, my staff and I grew as coaches.  Not only were we able to learn about his principles and beliefs, but he was also able to help us with our own and answer questions as it pertains to my team and programs.  He differentiated his presentation through verbal explanation, diagrams, and video.  demonstrating his background as a teacher.  If you want to learn or seek a consultant for your program, look no further than Joe Kuhn.

— Ryan Pattison

Morton West HS 

Berwyn, IL

I would highly recommend purchasing Coach Kuhn's transition offense and transition defensive courses.  Coach Kuhn demonstrates a variety of creative drills to help improve your transition game.  It will be easy to keep practice fresh by incorporating new drills.  As we all know, basketball is a game of easy baskets.  These videos will train your players to score easy points and take away easy point opportunities for your opponents.

— Greg Bayer

Plainfield Central HS 

Plainfield, IL

Joe Kuhn's Blocker Mover Certification Course is an absolute must for anyone that is serious about installing this system.  Not only does the course go above and beyond, so does Coach.  He has a sincere interest in helping your team be the best they can be.

— Patrick Rady

Cloverdale HS

CLoverdale, IN

"Coach, you were an excellent teacher/coach today. The players on the court knew exactly what you wanted from them.  Here’s what we do, here’s why, and this is a drill that sets up this particular offensive strategy.”

— Marianne Karp

Fountain Valley HS 

Fountain Valley, CA

The way coach Kuhn breaks down the Blocker Mover offense was simply amazing. From drills to diagrams, videos to voiceovers! You'll definitely see us using this offense this season! 

— Ja' Mere Dismukes

Hyde Park HS 

Chicago, IL


Coach Kuhn and his Joliet Teams run some of the best offensive actions in collegiate basketball at any level.  His teams are extremely hard to guard because of the counters he uses out of the same alignments..  One of the best offensive minds I've scouted and studied in my time as a high school., junior college, and D1 college coach!

— John Clancy

John Logan College

Carterville, IL

Joe Kuhn has produced year in year out winning teams with less talent.  Why?  They are so well prepared and he implements a system that is simply tough to beat.

— Steve Christiansen

Triton College

River Grove, IL

Joe, I was in Vegas. I was SOOOOOO disappointed Geno wasn’t there and almost slept in Sunday. You were my favorite speaker! Thank you!  I Purchased the BM pdf! 

— Scott Kelly

Spokane, WA