Pack Defense: 16 Core Drills To Build Your Defense

In this drill course, I have 16 of the core drills that we use to build our Pack Defense.  Included you receive a video of me explaining each of the drills using the Fast Draw diagram.  Also, you receive the pdf copy of the diagrams.

These drills are the building blocks of this defense.  The Pack Defense is one that gets better and better as the season goes on.  Your players will learn, through the use of these drills, how to defend all of the various actions they will see throughout the season.  That is the real value of these drills, learning to defend screening actions.


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Blocker Mover Manual and Fast Draw Fast Trade

The Blocker Mover Manual is a comprehensive guide to running the popular offense.  Included are the principles of the offense, rules of the blockers and movers, general player movements, offensive drills and defensive shell drills, shooting drills, combo drills, set plays, and zone offense ideas.  


This manual is a must for anyone considering running Blocker Mover, already is, or any Ball Screen Offense.

Generally, the diagrams will be traded to you within 24 hours.

PLEASE email me at joe@joekuhnbasketball.com and confirm that you have purchased this course.




Drills to Build A Championship Transition Offense: Drill eBook and Video

Build a championship level transition offense through the consistent use of these outstanding drills.  In this course, I explain our core transition offense drills through the use of Fast Draw diagrams and practice video.  The practice video demonstrates our players executing the drills and it is their first or second time running the drill.  There will be obvious mistakes that are made but be assured that as the season goes on the drills really become crisp and effective.  I think it is important to show the drills actually being done which helps to put the actual picture in your mind.  I 100% confident that these drills will help your program in developing an outstanding transition offense.

What coaches are saying:


Joe-  Last night I purchased both of your transition videos and I watched them both and loved them.   I was wondering if you run a numbered break and any quick hitters out of your transition?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kevin Orr
Rice Lake High School
Rice Lake, WI



Special Situations:  Be Prepared to Win With These Sets!

It is critical for a coach to have as may special situation sets in their arsenal as we never know when we will need them.  We spend time in practice every day on special situations.  Many of these special situation sets are sets that we either have used or have been used against us.  They are all very effective!

This is a collection of 40 special situational sets that are excellent for the end of the game and special situation scenarios.  The situations covered are Full Court, 3/4 Sideline, Quick Advance to Half Court, Sideline Out of Bounds, Baseline Out of Bounds, 2 point Sets, 3 Point Sets, Zone Sets, and Free Throw Break.  You are certain to find sets that you can use to help your team win the special situation scenarios.

This is a must for any coach either building his program or if you are looking for something new. 



Complete Package of Courses

This bundle is all of my current releases.

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1.  Joe Kuhn and Joliet Junior College Clinic (sold separately $99.97)

2.  Blocker Mover Manual (sold separately $29.97)

3.  Build a Championship Transition Offense (sold separately $39.97)

4.  Build a Championship Transition Defense (sold separately $39.97)

5.  Wolf Power (sold separately $14.97)

6.  Special Situation Sets, BE PREPARED TO WIN (sold separately $24.97



Complete Package of eBooks




Joe Kuhn and JJC Clinic

Get a clinic without having to travel to one!

This 3-hour clinic was held at Joliet Junior College on October 5th, 2019.  Coach Kuhn conducted the clinic which is broken into 3 segments:  Drills to Build Your Transition Offense and Defense, Drills to Develop A Ball Screen Offense, Offense Actions vs. a 2-3 or 3-2 Zone, Basic Rules and Drills to Develop the Pack Line Defense, 2 Rebounding Drills, 4 Free Throw Drills, and the Jump Ball special situation.  

Included in this course are the practice plan and all of the drill diagrams.



Blocker Mover Manual - Fast Draw Diagrams With Voice Explanations of Every Drill

This is my Blocker Mover Manual Course with the explanation of the Fast Draw diagrams. This is a comprehensive manual and has everything you need to successfully install the popular offense.  Included are the guidelines for the offense, position rules, the 3 out 2 in attack, a touch of 4 out 1 in attack, playing with 4 perimeter players, blocker mover zone offense, over 30 base shooting drills, and more!  This is also a great course for any ball screen offense.  



Build A Championship Transition Defense: Drill eBook and Video

This Building a Championship Transition Defense eBook is a series of drills that we use and have consistently helped us develop into an outstanding transition team on a yearly basis.  Developing an excellent transition defense is critical to limiting as many easy baskets as possible.  Our goal is to force our opponent to score in the half-court.

We will use 2 of these drills daily at the beginning of practice.  These drills create urgency in getting back and stopping the other team from scoring.  In essence, we are setting the tone that you will have to earn your points.  And although they are of transition focus, there are other important aspects such as rebounding, stopping the ball, and becoming a mentally tough team.  These drills will rep the quickness of getting back.

It is my hope that you can find something that you can use in these drills or that it sparks an idea for you.  These drills can be modified to fit the needs of your system and the number of players you have. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Wolf Power

Wolf Power is a series of 2 player drills that I put together in order to maximize our pre-season conditioning program.  It is called Wolf Power as we are the Wolves at Joliet Junior College.  Rename it to what fits your system.  One of our main goals of our pre-season program is to get our players in the best basketball cardiovascular condition as possible.  A goal is to incorporate ball handling, passing, and shooting to work on individual skill in a short period of time.  I want our players to have an opportunity to improve their offensive skills while building transition offensive habits while conditioning.  I like that our players are working on their individual skill improvement instead of just running up and down the floor doing sprints, suicides, or ladders.  Don’t get me wrong as we do more than our share of those as well.  But in this series each player gets in a good number of shots which I feel is important.  These drills also set the parameters for what we want in our transition game.  In these workouts our players get into excellent shape and it is not a chore.